Our vision – a Consultancy not a Law firm

Clients of Brown-Gordon Consulting make no compromise on expertise, quality, responsiveness and enthusiasm – Neil and Graeme have over 40 years combined full time domestic and international industry experience. Key attributes of our service are attention to detail, accuracy, and the precision a client would expect of a lawyer, whilst providing a more rounded, more commercial and more practically minded service than is provided by traditional legal advisers.

We aim to be closer to the clients than a major law firm or consultancy can be. We work regularly at clients’ premises; and we operate a virtual ‘in-house’ service for a small number of selected clients.

Deep sector knowledge, connections with the industry, understanding of the technology, the network infrastructure and the regulatory environment and rulebook are all vital ingredients of the value we can add.

Value for money

We do not carry the overheads of major law firms and other big consulting firms. We are able therefore to work to hourly and day rates which are extremely competitive having regard to the experience and service we offer. In addition, and wherever possible, we scope and budget our work, and report regularly on progress so clients remain in control of fees, and we avoid surprises. Brown-Gordon Consulting is registered for VAT with registration number 127 2099 20.

Project Management

Where specialist skills are necessary to help deliver a project which are outside then expertise of the Consultancy, or where multi jurisdictions are involved, we will work alongside a client’s retained law firm (and/or other economic or technical advisors).

If the client prefers, we can recommend firms and individuals who can offer the appropriate levels of expertise and value required to complete a project team.

Whichever approach is adopted, we provide a project management service so we ensure outsourced work (alongside our own) is properly scoped, budgeted, managed for quality and focus, and delivered to timetable.

Regulatory Position

Brown-Gordon Consulting is not a firm of solicitors. Our team practice as legal, regulatory, contract and business advisers.

We are not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and we do not conduct ‘regulated’ business as defined in the Solicitors Act 1974.